Rosetta Finale Set For 30 September


After 12 years in space Rosetta’s mission is now at its end. If everything goes as planned the spacecraft will make a planned landing on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko the 30th of September 2016 and join Philae. It will by then be too far from the sun to maintain proper operations. Onboard is a langmuir probe with 2 TiSurf treated probes.

Rosetta arrives at comet  Artist impression of ESA's Rosetta approaching comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The comet image was taken on 2 August 2014 by the spacecraft's navigation camera at a distance of about 500 km. The spacecraft and comet are not to scale. Spacecraft: ESA/ATG medialab; Comet image: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM
Image source: ESA

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Rosetta Finale Set For 30 September:

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More Missions in Space with TiSurf coated instruments

At this moment of time these following active space mission carries TiSurf coated instruments:

  • Cassini – Saturn, one Langmuirprobe with a TiSurf processed probe from IRFU. 
  • Rosetta – Comet 67P, two Langmuirprobes with TiSurf processed probes from IRFU. 
  • MAVEN – Mars, two Langmuirprobes with TiSurf processed probes from 
  • LASP, Colorado. Swarm – 3 satellites in orbit around Earth, three Langmuirprobes with TiSurf processed probes from IRFU. 
  • MMS – 4 satellites in orbit around Earth, in total 16 TiSurf processed probes from IRFU/KTH

More about TiSurf here:

NewSoTech’s TiSurf process for titanium has been tested for space projects by NASA and the University of Uppsala/Ångströms laboratory. Tests show that Titanium Nitride is by far the best surface for photoelectric properties, resistance to particle impact and erosion resistance. TiSurf is today the standard for surface materials for probes in space and is part of a number of ESA and NASA projects, including the Cassini satellite and MMS. The creator of the TiSurf process, Erik Johansson, is currently part of the NewSoTech technical team that is further developing TiSurf technology in order to industrially produce eco-efficient components for demanding applications which strive for low friction, low weight and high resistance to corrosion, e.g. next-generation vehicles, offshore, the energy sector, chemical industries, etc. An upcoming area is replacing components with hard-chrome, which will be produced restrictively due to negative environmental impact. TiSurf is 2-3 times harder than hard-chrome and is a ”green choice”.

*TiSurf is based on the thesis “Surface modification in tribology” by Erik Johansson, PhD, TiSurf International AB/patents EP-B1-0449793 / US 5, 530, 686 / US 5,427, 631 (TiSurf Process®).

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